The Brexit Party is not going away. We are the insurance policy. If the Prime Minister backslides on his promises we will be here to hold him to account and ensure we get the proper Brexit we voted for. For this reason, we need your support more than ever before and encourage you to contribute. With your donation you can help us stand up for Britain’s independence, sovereignty, and future.

We are required by law to ensure all donations exceeding £500 are permissible by verifying that the donor is either an individual registered on the electoral register or a UK company.

We reserve the right to reject a donation by returning it to source within 30 days of receipt, if we are unable to return funds to source the funds are surrendered to the Electoral Commission.

Details of your donation will be retained for compliance purposes. Providing false or misleading information is a criminal offence, we reserve the right to request documentary evidence to ensure the donation is permissible. Name must match exactly as displayed on card. AVS check must pass.

Donations to political parties are regulated by the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

Further guidance relating to donations can be obtained directly from the Electoral Commission.