Dagenham and Rainham


Tom Bewick

Tom Bewick was a member of the Labour party for 27 years. He was a Labour councillor in Brighton and Hove, resigning from the party in May 2019. During the EU Referendum, he chaired the local Vote Leave campaign.

A published author and expert on vocational training policy spanning a 25-year career, Tom has advised several governments on reforms to apprenticeships and post-compulsory education. He has worked as an international development adviser in several parts of the world, including the USA, India, Afghanistan and the Middle-East.

Tom has a Master’s degree in European Public Policy Analysis and worked in Brussels in the late 1990s. It was during this period that he developed the view that the EU was a neo-imperial project that would eventually lead to a European super state. Tom is passionately opposed to Boris Johnson’s ‘deal’ with the EU, which he believes will result in Brexit in name only.

Tom is standing in Dagenham and Rainham, East London, which voted 70.3% to leave the European Union in June 2016.



I am campaigning for a clean break Brexit from the EU and to change politics for good.

A clean break Brexit would allow the UK to become an independent self-governing nation again.

The benefits of a clean break Brexit include taking back control of:

    • Trade policy – securing cheaper clothing, footwear and food
    • Your money – not handing over £39 billion to a bloated Brussels bureaucracy
    • An end to Freedom of Movement – meaning a fairer immigration policy
    • Taxation policy – ensuring VAT, income tax and corporation taxes can be set without interference or a veto from the EU
    • Territorial fishing waters – helping to regenerate our coastal communities
    • State aid – meaning we can invest in strategic industries like British Steel and invest in local infrastructure and jobs.

I am standing in this election to restore trust in our politics. The old political parties have systematically betrayed your trust and our vote.

We voted locally 70.3% to Leave. Parliament said they would implement the result. They haven’t.

The only way we can restore trust in Parliament is by replacing those MPs in the House of Commons who have frustrated the will of the people.

I am ready to serve you and Change Politics for Good.

Nigel Farage on stage with Tim Martin and Annunziata Rees-Mogg holding up Change Politics for Good signs

LOCAL initiative #1

Action on fly-tipping

Both local Labour and Conservative councils have failed to tackle fly-tipping. Criminals are allowed to dump waste while proper enforcement goes unaddressed.

We will be hosting regular clean-ups of our streets. The Brexit Party will put pressure on the council to make tackling fly-tipping a higher priority, with better surveillance of hot-spots and an increase in prosecutions.

Campaign INITIATIVE #2

Reducing Crime

Under Labour’s London mayor crime has spun out of control. In Dagenham, 94% of robberies go unsolved. Domestic abuse in the borough is the highest in London, with nearly 14 offences per 1000 people. In Havering, violent crime has nearly doubled since 2016. Knife crime is rising sharply – an increase of 90% from 2016 to 2018. The Brexit Party campaign relentlessly to hold to account those in office who have failed local residents when it comes to safer, cleaner streets. We will call for more police officers and, in high crime areas, more visible patrols to give local residents further peace of mind.

Crowd shot at The Big Vision Rally


Prospective Parliamentary Candidate