The Brexit Party in Action in Peterborough


December 7 - 09:00 am


December 8 - 08:00 am

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The Brexit Party


Brightfield Business Hub

Bakewell Road, Orton Southgate, Peterborough, PE2 6XU

Peterborough, England, GB, PE2 6XU

The Brexit Party Peterborough Action Day

There are just over seven days to go to the most important General Election of our lifetimes.

This next week could mean the difference between living in a democracy or allowing 17.4m voices to go unheard.

Your input will make all the difference to that outcome – to what happens to our country.

Labour and others are committed to a second referendum and remain. The Conservatives have shown time and time again that we cannot trust them. Every vote matters for The Brexit Party to get as many seats in Parliament as possible in order ensure the Tories are accountable to what they promise.

This weekend, join us for leafleting and door knocking in Peterborough, where The Brexit Party’s Mike Greene, is the main challenger.

We would love to see you on either or both days!