Our message as MPs vote on Boris Johnson’s deal


Nigel Farage standing tall
Dear Brexiteer,

Prime Minister Boris Johnson claims that he has agreed a ‘great new deal’ on Brexit with the EU. Sorry, Boris. Your deal is not great, it’s not new – and it’s not Brexit.

Mr Johnson plans to reheat most of Theresa May’s appalling Withdrawal Agreement. Mrs May’s deal would imprison Britain under EU rules with no vote, no voice, no veto – and no way out. It is the sort of treaty you sign after losing a war. If any element of Mrs May’s treaty survives, it will not be the Brexit voted for by 17.4m.

Mr Johnson claims his deal is different, because it will remove the Irish backstop and free the UK from the EU customs union. That sounds good. But it is not nearly good enough. The real detail behind the Conservatives’ boasts tells a different story.

Boris’ reheated deal means the UK will still be trapped under EU rules on everything from state aid and taxation to fishing. European courts can still overrule our laws, we’ll be tied to EU military and foreign policy, and paying at least £39bn for the privilege. If it is passed by MPs, we will be locked in a transition period – probably for more than three years – subject to all EU laws, and any new ones they choose to impose. As Germany’s chancellor Merkel has made clear, the EU wants to sell us a bad deal that will prevent the UK becoming ‘a competitor’.

Only a Clean-Break Brexit will allow us to deliver on the referendum result, by taking democratic control of our laws, borders and money. We’ll be free to make deals with the world, govern everything from our fishing to our industry, retain command of our own national security, and invest our money as we see fit. Doesn’t that sound like the Brexit we voted for? Why settle for less when we could do so much better?

Today MPs are due to debate Mr Johnson’s proposed deal – the first time Parliament will sit on a Saturday since the Falklands War in 1982. For more than three years, a group of Brexiteer MPs have stood firm against the Remainer establishment’s efforts to overturn democracy. I have great respect for all that they have done to represent the 17.4m. The more committed MPs refused three times to back Mrs May’s Withdrawal Agreement. Yet now it appears many of these Brexiteers are preparing to crack and vote for Mr Johnson’s reheated version of the deal that they previously condemned.

What’s changed? A Clean-Break Brexit is the best deal for Britain, and the favourite choice of Leave voters in recent polls. We need a General Election to clear out our Remainer Parliament and win a big majority for a real Brexit. When that election comes, we are ready to stand against MPs who vote for a bad deal today.

I invite all MPs who believe in Brexit to join with us and put country before party.

Nigel Farage MEP
Leader of The Brexit Party