Speaking on Thursday evening, November 14, The Brexit Party Chairman, MEP and Hartlepool parliamentary candidate Richard Tice said: 
“Since our decision to stand down more than half our candidates for the good of this country, we have been dismayed by the behaviour of senior Conservative party figures. 

Richard Tice, Chairman of The Brexit Party, has announced he will be standing in General Election in the constituency of Hartlepool, which voted nearly 70% to leave the European Union.

Mr Tice said: “I am delighted to be standing here in Hartlepool and can’t wait to use my knowledge and experience, gained over years running successful businesses and this party, to fight for the interests of this city.

The Brexit Party Chairman Richard Tice said: ‘The government has finally admitted what The Brexit Party has said all along: The Tories alone are powerless to deliver Brexit on October 31st.

‘This morning, the Chancellor said we “have to accept” Brexit has been blocked again and the EU will “probably offer a three-month extension,” chaining us to Brussels into the New Year.

Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage will deliver a highly anticipated speech at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster this Friday, following a critical week for Brexit.

The rally follows the The Brexit Party’s sold-out We Are Ready tour and comes the day after the EU summit and the day before the expected votes in the Commons on Saturday, the first such sitting since the Falklands war.

Negative claims about the possible effects of a Clean-Break Brexit have been criticised by successful business people and economists.

Two Brexit Party MEPs and a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) argued the reported claims from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) were negative and one-sided.

The Brexit Party MEP Dr David Bull has responded to the Mirror’s ‘No Deal’ scare story – which claims there could be “no deal” drugs shortages – slamming the headline as “deeply irresponsible” and misleading.

The Brexit Party has announced a series of rallies in the lead up to the October 31st Brexit deadline.

Nigel Farage will headline all the events – in Watford, Camborne, and the Queen Elizabeth Centre in the heart of Westminster – under the slogan We Are Ready.

Nigel Farage paints a picture in The Brexit Party’s first of it’s kind Party Political Broadcast, and asks: “Why hasn’t Brexit Happened?”

Nine Hartlepool councillors have today (September 12) defected to The Brexit Party and agreed to form a pro-Brexit coalition with three local Tories.

Chairman Richard Tice said: “The Brexit Party welcomes the news the government is waking up to the fact there is no business case for HS2. 

“Once again, we led the way on a critical issue, highlighting how the money can be better spent elsewhere, and now the Tories are moving to copy another of our policies.