The Brexit Party today (Friday Nov 22nd) launched its Contract with The People.  Unlike a traditional manifesto, it proposes real, radical political change, placing leaving the European Union at the heart of its agenda. 

The contract, set out by Nigel Farage at an event in central London, aims to turbo-charge the economy with a series of targeted incentives to drive growth, and together with a series of key policies on the NHS, immigration, defence, education, the environment, industry and small business.  The policies, which can only be delivered once the UK is cleanly out of the EU, will seek to capitalise on the opportunities created by Brexit.

Nigel Farage commented: “A Clean-Break Brexit can shape the future of our economy and society. It will give us the freedom to shape our future by taking immediate control of our own laws, borders, money, fishing and defence.

“We want to cancel HS2, save 50% of the foreign aid budget and save another £13bn a year in payments to the EU. That money can form part of a Brexit dividend to invest billions in Britain’s Regions, cut the cost of living, and build a better future for millions of our people.

“The old mainstream parties have made ‘manifesto’ a dirty word. Everybody knows that a manifesto is little more than a set of vague promises that its authors have no intention of keeping. By contrast, our Contract with the People is a targeted set of deliverable pledges.

“We are not seeking election as a government. We are seeking to deliver the Brexit that we were promised three and a half years ago.  With a Clean-Break Brexit, we can start changing Britain for good from day one. There will be no extended ‘transition period’, no more years of wrangling with Brussels, no further entanglement with the EU’s controlling political institutions. We will be free to start building our future immediately, to change politics and Britain for good. And that’s a promise.”

Key policies announced include:

Political Revolution

  • Reform the voting system to make it more representative, abolish the House of Lords and overhaul the postal voting system.

Cut the cost of living

  • Cut VAT on domestic fuel – EU rules currently prohibit a reduction of VAT rates.  The Brexit Party proposes a zero rate on VAT on domestic fuel to reduce energy bills, saving an average of £65 per household.

Turbo-charge the economy

  • Zero rate Corporation Tax for the first £10,000 of pre-tax profits: one million companies, some 66% of the total number – pay less than £10,000.  This represents just 6% of Corporation Tax take in 2019; £3.4bn.  Total cost £5.1bn per year.

Invest in our future

  • Recycle our own waste and make it illegal for it to be exported across the world to be burnt, buried or dumped at sea. 

Policies announced today also include:

  • Investing in education and further expanding parental choice.
  • Continued investment in the NHS with better management, more medical staff and cutting waste.
  • Protecting Britain’s borders and people, reducing annual immigration and addressing wage stagnation, introducing a fair points system which is blind to ethnic origin, and cracking down on illegal immigration.
  • Withdraw from the European Defence Union, leaving the EU defence procurement directive, ensuring the UK has the right to stipulate that defence contracts stay at home.
  • Leave the Common Fisheries Policy and invest in fishing and coastal communities.

The full polices can be viewed at



Notes to editors

Policy document booklet attached – if you cannot view this attachment, please contact the press office