Meet the businesswoman, bodybuilder, comedian and economics writer, former refugee, EU law expert, forklift driver, and literary critic and composer aiming to Change Politics for Good with The Brexit Party.

The Brexit Party is announcing its first 150 Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) in their respective constituencies ahead of the widely anticipated early general election.

The first 50 were named on Friday (August 2), with a further 50 named on Monday (August 5) and 50 more on Tuesday (August 6). Follow our social media accounts over the coming days for all the latest announcements.

The Brexit Party is preparing to fight seats across the country, with many more PPCs to be launched over the coming weeks.

Brexit Party Chairman Richard Tice said today: “Today we release the names of 50 more high-calibre Prospective Parliamentary Candidates who stand ready to shake up Westminster, deliver a proper Brexit and help Change Politics for Good.

“The high quality, diversity, integrity, and resolve of the people putting themselves forward are exceptional.

“The Brexit Party will keep the pressure on the political establishment until it listens to and respects the will of British people.”

Leader of The Brexit Party Nigel Farage commented last week: “With Boris Johnson already watering down Brexit, and looking to bounce the country into an early general election, trust is now the key issue in British politics.

“Our great candidates will not stand for Mrs May’s treaty being repackaged, it is still the worst deal in history and a betrayal of leave voters. 

“That’s why we are ready to fight in every seat to secure the Brexit that 17.4m voted for.”

Below are the names of our new candidates, listed with their constituencies, with statements from a selection. If you’d like to know more about individual PPCs, please email [email protected] or call Liam Deacon on 07592794351.

Alexander Waugh, 56, is The Brexit Party PPC for Bridgwater and West Somerset. He is a writer and a literary critic, a senior visiting fellow at The University of Leicester, and Grammy-nominated music producer and director.

He said: “Irritated at the way in which both the EU and the British Parliament has chosen to play fast and loose with our democracy, I have taken the decision to stop whining about it to my friends and to stand up and be counted.  

“If I am elected to parliament I shall do everything in my power to help to restore honesty, integrity, trust and democracy to our now broken system of government and to ensure that Britain is put back in command of its own money, laws and borders.  

“When these things are achieved, when we are once again a properly democratic nation, I shall return to the gorgeous green pastures of West Somerset to get on with the rest of my life.”

Tom Bewick is The Brexit Party PPC for Hastings and Rye and the chief executive and the Federation of Awarding Bodies, the collective voice of the UK’s qualifications and assessments industry. 

He was a Labour Party member and activist for 27 years, after joining as a teenager, and served as a councillor for the party and even advised Tony Blair’s minister inside Labour HQ.

He said: “I’m delighted to be the PPC for The Brexit Party in Hastings and Rye, which voted by nearly 56% to Leave the EU, over three years ago. Yet despite this, we are represented by an MP that has done everything possible to thwart our departure from the EU.

“Amber Rudd has also voted three times for the failed Withdrawal Agreement, which would deliver Brexit in name only. And her majority here is wafer-thin. 

“I will work tirelessly to gain the trust of voters in the constituency. I live in Sussex, my kids go to state schools here, and I am active in supporting local charities.”

Jessica Swift, 52, is The Brexit Party PPC for Grantham and Stamford and the finance and systems director at the Fruehauf Group.

She said: “I feel so lucky to live in beautiful Lincolnshire, a safe and vibrant county which I would be proud to represent in Westminister for The Brexit Party.

“I am a passionate supporter of education, which has the power to change lives. And as a proud as a transwoman, I will always fight for equality and the rights of all groups in society.

“Working as the finance director of a large local manufacturer and software company has helped give me a strong understanding of how important business is as the engine of our economy.

“I am new to politics and hope to bring fresh ideas to Westminster. I am shocked by what has happened in Parliament since the referendum and believe our country is being betrayed.

“As an MP I will do all I can to protect democracy from the anti-Brexit political elite.”

Dominic Frisby, 49, is The Brexit Party PPC for Old Bexley and Sidcup. He is an author, comedian, and voice actor. He writes an investment column for MoneyWeek, has written books on economics and cryptocurrency, and co-wrote and narrated the film Four Horsemen about the global financial crisis.

He said: “Our glorious leaders are struggling to come to terms with the revolutionary new concept called democracy.

“If the people vote for something, then it must be implemented, not subverted. Brexit has caught the British establishment with its trousers down and exposed our system of rule for the sham that it is.

“There is something so much better to be had. I’d like to help in some way to make it happen.” 

Aaron Hudson, 33, is the Brexit Party PPC for Stourbridge. He is a contract software developer, husband, father and a competitive bodybuilder.

He said: “I’m passionate about democracy and freedom and would be honoured to represent Stourbridge in Westminster.

“Leaving the EU will restore faith in British democracy and boost prosperity. Brexit offers great opportunities for business, employment, and boosting global trade. 

“One of the most exciting and unique features of The Brexit Party is it is made up of people from the ‘real world,’ rather than out-of-touch career politicians who don’t represent the best interests of their constituents.

“The Brexit Party is from the people, by the people, and for the people, and I am proud to be part of this exciting movement in post-Brexit Britain!”

James Heartfield, 58, is the Brexit Party PPC for Islington North. He is a historian, author, and teacher, who lives in Archway. 

He said: “I’ve lived in Islington since the 1980s, working in the Council and now as a history teacher. My daughters were born at the local hospital and I have been a parent governor at a local school.

“I come from outside the Westminster bubble but have been politically active in the past, campaigning against austerity and the anti-gay ‘Clause 28,’ and supporting anti-war movements. 

“Seeing the way the EU forced vicious austerity policies on Greece and Portugal convinced me we had to get out.

“Free from the EU Britain can make its own decisions about what kind of country it wants to be. I’ve been a Brexit Party supporter since it launched and urge anyone who believes in freedom and in democracy to join us.”

Allison Wild, 57, is the Brexit Party PPC for Aylesbury. She has an MSC in Clinical Pharmacology from Oxford, has worked as a software engineer, volunteers with local charities, and is an expert in EU law and regulations for the cosmetics and skincare industry.

She said: “I am standing for the Brexit Party because I believe our future outside the EU will bring opportunity and prosperity. Brexit will benefit people from all walks of life in our diverse nation.

“I believe in freedom, sovereignty, and above all, democracy.

“HS2 will damage my constituency and I am committed to fighting it. It is a prime example of the failing two-party system. It was proposed under Labour in 2009 and carried forward by the Conservatives despite the extortionate cost. 

“HS2 will destroy areas like Aylesbury where the tracks are laid, whilst failing to benefit northern communities. Aylesbury deserves better.  Aylesbury deserves someone who will listen.”

Sadhana Stokes, 57, is The Brexit Party PPC for Charnwood and a businesswoman, electronics engineer, wife, mother to three children, and keen allotmenteer.

She said: “My entire family were kicked out of Uganda by the dictator Idi Amin. We came to this country because it was a beacon of justice, freedom and democracy.

“Today, that reputation is being destroyed by self-serving politicians betraying their promises to the electorate.

“Failure to honour the referendum result proves MPs have learnt nothing since the expenses scandal.

“I joined The Brexit Party because they are the only ones trying to ditch Theresa May’s terrible treaty, get Brexit delivered, and Change Politics for Good.”

Alaric Bamping, 65, is The Brexit Party PPC for Dartford. He is a househusband with five children and runs a small business selling books online.  

He was previously an organiser for the Anti Nazi League and the Right to Work March and was active in student politics in London. He has been a member of the SWP, Labour Party, and The Conservative Party before joining The Brexit Party.

He said: “Exiting the EU on time is central to restoring trust in politics. People will not accept anything less. They have been let down by the mainstream parties.

“The only party that can deliver a true Brexit on WTO rules, without watering anything down, is The Brexit Party.

“I grew up around Dartford and know the area, which voted to leave the EU with a 63% majority, very well.”

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