Meet the entrepreneur, parish priest, doctor, accountant, tech specialist, musician, teacher, and life-long Labour campaigner aiming to Change Politics for Good with The Brexit Party.

The Brexit Party is announcing its first 150 Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) in their respective constituencies ahead of the widely anticipated early general election.

The first 50 have been named today, with a further 50 to be announced on Monday and 50 more on Tuesday. Follow our social media accounts over the coming days for all the latest announcements.

The Brexit Party is preparing to fight all 650 seats across the country, with more PPCs to be launched in the coming weeks.

Leader of The Brexit Party Nigel Farage commented: “With Boris Johnson already watering down Brexit, and looking to bounce the country into an early general election, trust is now the key issue in British politics.

“Our great candidates will not stand for Mrs May’s treaty being repackaged, it is still the worst deal in history and a betrayal of leave voters. That’s why we are ready to fight in every seat to secure the Brexit that 17.4m voted for.”

Brexit Party Chairman Richard Tice added: “Our experienced, highly competent parliamentary candidates are just what we need at this crucial time in our country’s history.

“They have achieved in the real world, not the Westminster bubble, having launched successful charities and multi-million-pound business. The Brexit Party will restore common sense and confidence in Westminster.”

Below are the names of our new candidates, listed with their constituencies, with statements from a selection. If you’d like to know more about individual PPCs, please email [email protected].

Paulette Furse is The Brexit Party PPC for Sevenoaks. She said: “I’m a local businesswoman with twenty years of experience working in this area, as well as a proud wife and mother to three daughters, who were all schooled locally.

“I am so excited to be a PPC for The Brexit Party, which is fielding diverse and trustworthy people who love and understand where they live.

“I was formerly deeply involved with the Tories, as the chairman of the Sevenoaks Conservative Association and an elected Parish Councillor. However, I no longer believe the Tories can deliver a clean Brexit and respect our democracy.

“Politics is broken and the two-party system is no longer serving our area. Local issues are ignored, with no high-speed fibre broadband in remote areas and high street shops stifled by high rates.” 

Colin William Lambert is the Brexit Party PPC for Haywood and Middleton. He is the former Labour leader of Rochdale council and a teacher at a Pupil Referral Unit. He teaches combined science and maths to disadvantaged students.

He said: “I left the Labour Party after nearly 40 as it is simply not the party I joined. They have let down our city and people by ignoring the democratic decision to leave the EU. 

“It gave me great pleasure to recently announce the Brexit Party’s first council group with Councillors Alan McCarthy and Kath Nickson in Rochdale, who defected from Labour and the Liberal Democrats respectively.” 

Jordan Lake is The Brexit Party PPC for Redditch. He is an entrepreneur who has worked in the creative industries, including events management and stage production, and has 14 of years experience in business.

He said: “I am a creative and business owner who believes in an independent Britain. I want to maximise the opportunities Brexit will bring.

“The Brexit Party is fighting for the type of country I want to live in. Gay men and other minority groups are welcome in this party, which I believe looks past identity politics and focus on our ideas and vision for the nation as a whole.

“The political establishment has failed us. I want to become an MP to help make this country the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth and it starts with this party. Brexit is just the beginning.”

Nick Brown is The Brexit Party PPC for Bishop Auckland. He has a law degree from Cambridge and has worked in the Tech industry with companies all over the world and even the Home Office.

He said: “Like many people outside the Westminster bubble, I’ve realised we can’t trust our current crop of politicians to do what we asked them to do.

“I was born and raised in this constituency in the North East and have seen first-hand how repeatedly voting for Labour has failed to bring any benefits to my wonderful home region.

“I will give the people of this area, who I have grown up with and lived my lifewith, a voice in Westminster. I’m looking forward to shaking this tree.”

Alexandra Phillips is a Brexit Party MEP and the PPC for Southampton, Itchen. She said: “I’m a brand new MEP battling to uphold Brexit in the European Parliament. As a passionate Brexiteer I feel it is my duty to play a part in showcasing all the positives of Brexit in Westminster as well as Brussels.   

“I want Britain to be a leading light on the world stage, a courageous and independent major economy that should be an exemplar of good governance, international entrepreneurship, revolutionary fair trade and a bastion of democracy.”

Raj Singh Chaggar is The Brexit Party PPC for Wolverhampton. He is a chartered accountant and company director who has also worked in property development. Raj has also served as a primary school governor, is a committee member of his local Sikh Temple, gives financial advice to a local Hindu temple, helped establish the Wednesfield Alliance and works with the Wednesfield in Bloom charity.

He said: “I came to the UK when I was just 18 months old in 1968 and spent most of my younger years in a council hous 

“I tragically lost my dad at a young age and my mum raised five children on her own. I worked my way up and into a profession and my son is following me into accountancy and my daughter has just finished her law degree 

“My life experiences have given me a strong belief in the NHS and this country, which I want to fight to protect for the next generation.

“However, it is clear to me that the Tories have let us down and only The Brexit Party can deliver on the referendum result and build a bright post-Brexit future for the UK.” 

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