Three former Tory cabinet ministers (Dominic Grieve, Sir Oliver Letwin, and Dame Caroline Spelman) have “welcomed” a plot to install Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister and block a clean Brexit. 

Nick Boles, the former Tory MP, has also backed the plan. All four were elected on a Torymanifesto promising to respect the referendum result. 

The Brexit Party has PPCs standing ready in all four constituencies currently represented by these Tory rebels and today promises to hold their feet to the fire in a general election. 

Brexit Party Chairman Richard Tice said: “These four Tory ‘rebels’ contemplating installing Labour’s dangerous leader in Number Ten to block the will of the British people should think twice. So should anyone else thinking of the same. 

“The Brexit Party has named hundreds of PPCs across the nation in just a few weeks, and has first-rate people ready to unseat all these anti-democrats. 

“We are offering a real democratic alternative that respects the referendum result. We will not let them get away with it.” 

Rosie Darkin-Miller is The Brexit Party PPC for Dorset West, currently represented by Sir Oliver Letwin. 

She said: “I was shocked but not surprised by the news Sir Oliver Letwin is contemplating working with Jeremy Corbyn to stop Brexit. 

“The majority here in West Dorset voted for Brexit and many Leavers lent their 2015 general election voted to Sir Oliver based on the Tory manifesto promise to take us out of the EU. 

“However, Sir Oliver told his local Conservative Party earlier this year that he didn’t believe in the manifesto. He stood on a lie. 

“And In February, he conspired with Labour’s Yvette Cooper to push an amendment blocking Brexit for another six months. 

“This latest betrayal of West Dorset voters, seeking to give power to the man who lost the last election, is the final straw. 

“My anger at his betrayal is what led me to stand for The Brexit Party in West Dorset, which deserves a politician who will keep their promises.

“We will hold him to account at a General Election and fight to restore democracy and Change Politics for Good.”

Jessica Swift is the Brexit Party PPC for Grantham and Stamford, currently represented by Independent MP and former Tory Nick Bowles.

She said: “I am appalled Nick Bowles has said he could support installing Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of a government of Remainers in a desperate attempt stop a clean Brexit.

“I could be standing against him, and whoever the Tories chose to represent in the seat, and will make sure Brexit voters in this wonderful constituency are given a real choice. 

“The Brexit Party stands ready to fight the next general election if the Tories fail to deliver on the will of the people.

“This party will honour the referendum result and deliver the clean Brexit we voted for more than three years ago.”

Tim Scott is The Brexit Party PPC Beaconsfield, currently represented by Dominic Grieve.

He said: “When I debating Dominic Grieve during the referendum campaign, he was clear that vote to Leave would mean just that.

“And during the 2017 election campaign, he also promised to accept the result.

“However, since we voted Leave, he has fought tooth and nail to block Brexit and is now considering letting in Corbyn rather than accepting the will of the people.

“I am looking forward to standing against him again and holding him to account for his broken promises.”

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